An initiative to provide important cutting-edge technology services to all students of Indiana Tech.

Function Instructions/Help
 Office365 Email
 10GB Storage.
 Office365 Help
 Anywhere, instantly.
 Anytime Access.
 Mobile Help
 (7GB Storage) Private and Shared.
 Sky Drive Help
 Create your own space.
 Spaces Help
 Office Live Workspace
 Save, Access and Share Files Online.
 Office Live Help
 Windows Live Writer
 Create compelling Blogs.

Some of these services include:

  • Personal secure account to be used in labs and other personalized Indiana Tech applications

  • 100MB file storage on our network

  • 10GB e-mail account

  • Outlook to access messages off-campus

  • Spam protection from unwanted messages

For help connecting to the Indiana Tech wireless network, click here.

Please visit for more information. 

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